Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


To be the center of excellence for public procurement in Nigeria.


“To lead the effective implementation of a devolved, efficient, cost effective and transparent public procurement system through an appropriate regulatory environment”

PPA Strategic Values

Fairness and Equity – We shall treat all our customers in a fair, consistent and non discriminatory manner;

Integrity – The activities of the PPA shall be characterised by honesty, trustworthiness and be above reproach in accordance with internationally recognized standards of corporate governance;

Customer Service – We shall at all times serve our customers efficiently, effectively and with respect;

Partnerships – We shall ensure that the achievement of our mandate is based on a solid foundation through collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders;

Communication – We shall actively seek to establish and maintain an effective communication channel with all stakeholders and staff;

Transparency –We shall ensure, at all times that the entire procurement system is transparent and meets the expectations of all our customers.

Courage – In the performance of their duties, PPA Board, Management and staff shall be bold in the execution of their duties and shall be prepared to mitigate any risks or challenges.

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